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Hostsolutions is providing their limited time promotion to Get 50% extra on any credit deposit which is ready for their AMD ryzen production! After testing during 2 full month, Hostsolutions's ryzen production line is ready to be lunch in the next coming 2 weeks , Like always we want to celebrate this with our existing clients who made all this possible and who is beleve in us and is help us to grow every month and we are verry grateful for this.

Some features what was activated in the last month in order to add more quality to our serice :

  • we have add +100gbps port speed with TELIA in Bucharest and Oradea locations (Oradea is pending to be implemented)
  • We have made a huge upgrade to our main router in Bucharest
  • we are upgrade the port speed from 1gbps to 10gbps FOR FREE in all services (will take time but we hope in 2-3 month have all done)
  • Negociating this days LEVEL 3 upstream in order to add this upstream to our network.

So where is the promo ? like always will be a credit bonus one because is more easy for our clients to choose the desired package than offer a tipical one. More the credit bonus can be spend in the existing services also :

Right now, here's the deal we have for you:

- 50% extra on any credit deposit, which will be added manually (in 24h-48h) to your account.
This promotion is valid from 18.03.2021 to 21.03.2021.


  • You must have an active service with us;
  • The credit is NOT refundable;
  • You can't have any other open invoice to benefit for a 50% credit.
  • no decimals ! (we do this manually so let make it multiple of 1 eur to have a better speed -thanks.)
  • Only one transaction allowed
  • Maximum upload is 3000 eur/account.

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