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🛒Black Friday🛒 AlphaVPS Special Offer - Storage and Ryzen VPS Flash Deals

AlphaVPS is here to present you with their very special and limited in quantity plans for Black Friday 2020. You will be able to find very special and very limited, AMD Ryzen KVM VPS with super-fast NVMe storage flash sales throughout the whole Black Friday weekend (From Friday to Monday including) as well as the Dedicated Servers, OpenVZ 7 VPS and KVMs in all of their datacenters! Flash sales will feature very limited stock, so be quick!

alphavps black friday

AlphaVPS Black Friday 2020

KVM Ryzen VPS with NVMe

  • 1GB RAM - 2x Ryzen 3.8GHz+ vCores - 15GB NVMe - 1TB Bandwidth - KVM - 15EUR/y - ORDER NOW
  • 2GB RAM - 2x Ryzen 3.8GHz+ vCores - 30GB NVMe - 2TB Bandwidth - KVM - 30EUR/y - ORDER NOW
  • 3GB RAM - 4x Ryzen 3.8GHz+ vCores - 45GB NVMe - 3TB Bandwidth - KVM - 45EUR/y - ORDER NOW
  • 4GB RAM - 4x Ryzen 3.8GHz+ vCores - 60GB NVMe - 4TB Bandwidth - KVM - 60EUR/y - ORDER NOW

Features of Ryzen KVM VPS:

  • Shared CPU Cores
  • 1x IPv4
  • /64 of IPv6
  • 1Gbit/s network port
  • Non-upgradeable, due to the low stock and density of the nodes. Buy carefully!


  • 512MB RAM - 1 vCore - 128GB HDD - 0.5TB Bandwidth - 15€/year - ORDER NOW
  • 768MB RAM - 1 vCore - 256GB HDD - 1TB Bandwidth - 25€/year - ORDER NOW
  • 1GB RAM - 2 vCores - 512GB HDD - 1.5TB Bandwidth - 3.5€/month - ORDER NOW
  • 2GB RAM - 2 vCores - 1TB HDD - 3TB Bandwidth - 5€/month - ORDER NOW

FAQ of the AlphaVPS Black Friday Sale

  • All pricing is in EUR
  • All pricing is VAT Excl, unless otherwise stated
  • VAT will be charged to EU residents, living outside of Bulgaria, with no valid VAT number. VAT will not be charged to customers from outside the EU
  • All Black Friday sales are non-refundable and come with limited support
  • All orders need to contain valid contact information, otherwise will be rejected

About AlphaVPS

AlphaVPS is a leading IaaS provider in Europe, offering cheap VPS, KVM VPS, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Connectivity, and custom solutions out of 5 worldwide locations. Operating since 2013 and based out of Europe. Our offices are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are staffed around the clock and our team is fully in-house with zero outsourcing. We run our network under AS203380, own our hardware and our Sofia office is located inside the Telepoint DataCenter in our flagship Sofia location, just above our equipment. Our company name is DA International Group Ltd. and we are an EU, VAT-registered company.

AlphaVPS Network Info

Sofia, Bulgaria - -
Nuremberg, Germany - -
London, United Kingdom - -
New York, USA - -
Los Angeles, USA - -

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