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Zentora Hosting - Unmetered Bandwidth 1TB HDD Storage KVM VPS £5.50/Mo

Zentora is a hosting company registered in UK (number:12153202) who offer affordable high quality, feature-packed web hosting services located in the Europe. Their harware are mainly hosted in Hetzner Germany datacenter. Zentora hoting is now offering a new promotion for storage VPS range from 512G to 1TB with cheap price.

Zentora Hoting

Zentora Hosting Stroage VPS
Zentora Hosting Promo Code DN1A50BVJT £5.50 GBP Price Override Recurring Discount
Notice: This coupon code only works for the 1024GB Plan!

512Gb Plan

    • 512GB HDD storage
    • 512MB Ram
    • 1 vCPU @ 3.4Ghz
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • 500Mb/s uplink
    • Germany
    • KVM

    1024GB Plan

      • 1024GB HDD storage
      • 1024MB Ram
      • 1 vCPU @ 3.4Ghz
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • 500Mb/s uplink
      • Germany
      • KVM
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      zentorahosting vps

      Zentora Hosting Benchmark
      CPU model            : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
      Number of cores      : 1
      CPU frequency        : 3411.482 MHz
      Total size of Disk   : 591.0 GB (3.0 GB Used)
      Total amount of Mem  : 985 MB (126 MB Used)
      Total amount of Swap : 0 MB (0 MB Used)
      System uptime        : 0 days, 1 hour 24 min
      Load average         : 0.02, 0.04, 0.08
      OS                   : Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
      Arch                 : x86_64 (64 Bit)
      Kernel               : 4.15.0-22-generic
      I/O speed(1st run)   : 208 MB/s
      I/O speed(2nd run)   : 216 MB/s
      I/O speed(3rd run)   : 214 MB/s
      Average I/O speed    : 212.7 MB/s
      Node Name                       IPv4 address            Download Speed
      CacheFly                       55.4MB/s
      Linode, Tokyo2, JP               8.62MB/s
      Linode, Singapore, SG             13.3MB/s
      Linode, London, UK               52.2MB/s
      Linode, Frankfurt, DE            56.2MB/s
      Linode, Fremont, CA                13.7MB/s
      Softlayer, Dallas, TX            10.3MB/s
      Softlayer, Seattle, WA          9.03MB/s
      Softlayer, Frankfurt, DE            52.5MB/s
      Softlayer, Singapore, SG           8.91MB/s
      Softlayer, HongKong, CN          7.17MB/s

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