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Virtono Promo Code & Review - $12/year KVM VPS Hosting

Virtono just provide a new promo code for their vps hosting located in Bucharest (Romania) and Dallas, Texas (USA) limited offer. Virtono is a web hosting company from Romania founding in 2014 providing managed(shared hosting & dedicated hosting) and unmanaged(VPS, Dedicated) hosting services in multiple data centers worldwide.

virtono promo code review

Virtono Promo Codes

summer2020 Get pric $12/year for the special offer vps hosting offer below

Virtono Special VPS Hosting Offer


KVM – 512MB RAM - Bucharest or Dallas

  • 512MB RAM
  • 1x vCPU
  • 15GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • /64 IPv6 (except Dallas)
  • KVM/Virtualizor
  • $10/Year (aprox $12 USD/year)


Other Virtono VPS Hosting Plans

CLOUD VPS XS 512 MB 1 Core 15 GB 1TB / Month 1 1 €2.95
€1.98/mo with Counpon
CLOUD VPS S 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 2TB / Month 2 2 €6.95
€2.65/mo with Counpon
Other Plans Available (No Coupon Code)
CLOUD VPS M 2 GB 1 Core / 2 Threads 50GB 3TB / Month 4 4 €8.95
Check Location
CLOUD VPS L 3 GB 2 Core / 4 Threads 80 GB 4TB / Month 8 8 €17.95
Check Location
CLOUD VPS XL 8 GB 4 Core / 8 Threads 120 GB 8TB / Month 16 16 €34.95
Check Location
What Makes Virtono Special
  • Dedicated Resources: The Cloud VPS has dedicated CPU, SSD storage, and RAM Memory, just for you.
  • Internal IP addresses: Your VPS can now "talk" with another server from same datacenter through private network.
  • SSH Keys: Keep your vps safe by removing access through passwords, and install your ssh key into the vps with just 1 click.
  • Custom ISO: You can upload your own ISO file and install whatever OS you want directly from our cloud panel.

Virtono Network Info

Bucharest, RO
Download test: wget -O /dev/null
Ping IPv4:
IPv6: 2A04:9DC0:00C1:0007:0000:0000:34f9:4417

Dallas-TX, US
Download test: wget -O /dev/null
Ping IPv4:
IPv6: Not Ready Yet

Ping IP Test From Texas, USA:

Starting PING to:	0.00s
$] ping -O -v -c8 -i0.2 -W5

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.	0.00s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=39.1 ms	
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=51 time=40.2 ms	0.25s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=51 time=38.10 ms	0.44s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=51 time=40.6 ms	0.65s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=51 time=39.1 ms	0.85s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=51 time=39.1 ms	1.05s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=51 time=40.2 ms	1.25s
64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=51 time=38.10 ms	1.45s
--- ping statistics ---	
8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 403ms	
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 38.954/39.522/40.592/0.678 ms	
Ping complete

Virtono Review with Benchmark Data

CLOUD VPS XS Plan with

CPU model            : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X5650  @ 2.67GHz
Number of cores      : 1
CPU frequency        : 2666.760 MHz
Total size of Disk   : 16.0 GB (3.9 GB Used)
Total amount of Mem  : 487 MB (86 MB Used)
Total amount of Swap : 1279 MB (15 MB Used)
System uptime        : 0 days, 2 hour 36 min
Load average         : 2.86, 2.34, 1.44
OS                   : CentOS 7.6.1810
Arch                 : x86_64 (64 Bit)
Kernel               : 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64
I/O speed(1st run)   : 436 MB/s
I/O speed(2nd run)   : 373 MB/s
I/O speed(3rd run)   : 392 MB/s
Average I/O speed    : 400.3 MB/s
Node Name                       IPv4 address            Download Speed
CacheFly                       34.4MB/s      
Linode, Tokyo, JP               5.70MB/s      
Linode, Singapore, SG             8.51MB/s      
Linode, London, UK               42.5MB/s      
Linode, Frankfurt, DE            55.7MB/s      
Linode, Fremont, CA                3.67MB/s      
Softlayer, Dallas, TX            12.9MB/s      
Softlayer, Seattle, WA          12.3MB/s      
Softlayer, Frankfurt, DE            9.11MB/s      
Softlayer, Singapore, SG           11.5MB/s      
Softlayer, HongKong, CN          9.66MB/s      
Node Name                       IPv6 address            Download Speed
Linode, Atlanta, GA             2600:3c02::4b           11.9MB/s      
Linode, Dallas, TX              2600:3c00::4b           6.87MB/s      
Linode, Newark, NJ              2600:3c03::4b           11.6MB/s      
Linode, Singapore, SG           2400:8901::4b           5.41MB/s      
Linode, Tokyo, JP               2400:8900::4b           5.28MB/s      
Softlayer, San Jose, CA         2607:f0d0:2601:2a::4    10.3MB/s      
Softlayer, Paris, FR            2a03:8180:1301:8::4     35.4MB/s      
Softlayer, Singapore, SG        2401:c900:1101:8::2     9.00MB/s      
Softlayer, Tokyo, JP            2401:c900:1001:16::4    6.98MB/s      


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